COVID-19 Business Continuity

Remote working and Cyber Security Services

Given the unprecedented situation we are currently facing with the coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19), Bolton Technologies is offering its full-featured suite of Cloud and Security Services to clients, providing a complete package which enables businesses to work remotely and securely, monitored by our Cybersecurity solutions and services.


These services include an encrypted cloud infrastructure for your organisation, connected through a secure encrypted channel, Cloud PBX Telephony, Email services, as well as Managed Security Services to Monitor, Recover and Respond to any malicious activity.


By following such a holistic approach, our Managed Security Services aim to secure the infrastructure on all layers, endpoints, servers, cloud and IoT. We provide proactive monitoring and responses, aligned with the expertise of our leading technology partners, bolstered with the deployment of Artificial Intelligence to detect any threats that would normally slip under the radar.

From our remote working to a comprehensive array of security solutions, our Bespoke Business Continuity services empower your organisation to continue running regardless of circumstances.

Our Business Continuity and Security Services include:

Infrastructure as a Service

Build a cloud infrastructure on a fully redundant Tier-III Datacenter. Fast, Secure and accessible from around the globe.

Terminal Services

The fastest, easiest and most cost effective way to an alternative RDP server. By deploying a centralised Terminal Server you gain control of your data and off-site employees.

PBX Cloud Telephony

A hosted PBX Telephony is an IP-based telephony solution provisioned and accessed entirely through the Internet.

Managed Security Services

Our managed cyber security services encompass prevention, detection and remediation. This robust multi-pronged approach means that we cover all areas, on and off premises.

SoC as a Service

A 24/7 Security Operations Centre (SOC) based in a global strategic geolocation. We provide a fundamentally unique approach to cyber defence backed by Artificial Intelligence.

A remote office based on your needs.

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