Cloud Services

Colocation Datacenter: A high performance environment for your critical IT infrastructure which ensures that business-critical data is always secure and available.

Disaster Recovery: No matter what precautions are taken, unforeseen circumstances such as natural disasters can always occur at some point during the lifespan of a business, resulting in a failure of the primary infrastructure. Like effective insurance, robust disaster recovery and business continuity plans are of utmost importance, and essential for all businesses. Bolton Technologies offers proportionate, effective solutions which avoids interruption to your business.

Cloud VPS: Everything you need in a simple cloud server including the requirement of minimal management, versatility, reliability, speed and cost efficiency.

Private VPS: With a hypervisor of your choice and the paramount security of being hosted on your own infrastructure. Its key features include rapid deployability, high levels of reliability and efficiency,  user-friendly operation and the ability to simultaneously run multiple workloads.

Black Box VPS: A highly secure and hackproof technology which guarantees absolute privacy, quality, speed and consistency. Hosted Virtual Desktop: A desktop stored on a remote-access server that allows you to work anywhere, anytime granting you access to greater computing power with a centralized approach to maintaining the network while saving your business time and money.


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