Hosting Services


Bolton Technologies proudly announces the launching of a Tier Ill Datacenter designed to simplify the technological core of your business and bring about a step change in efficiency. A fully redundant Datacenter with state-of-the-art technological infrastructure which combines security and efficiency.

At Bolton Technologies we have everything required to help your business successfully transition to the cloud with a team of expert consultants, providing solutions to perfectly suit your business needs. Work­ing with you every step of your cloud experience, we will help you navigate your business towards success and ensure you have the technology requirements you need for constant future growth.

Infrastructure as a service:

Infrastructure as a Service (laaS) delivers the precise server and computer power that the client requires. With full configurability, resources are tailored to the demands of your business. laaS offers a highly efficient and powerful cloud option, giving you root access and exclusive control.

Why choose laaS:

  • High-speed connectivity
  • Maximum system availability
  • 24/7 support available
  • Elimination of performance latency
  • Ideal for computer-intensive power environments
  • Cost-effective, clear and predictable cloud billing

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